Vehicle Wraps

 According to a study performed by the American Trucking Associations (ATA), a vehicle wrap on a typical vehicle makes 10 million impressions every year. That number increases to 14 million for vehicles with reflective graphics and to 16 million for local delivery vans. Another study found that fleet graphics give 101 impressions per mile traveled. With so many opportunities to get eyes on your advertising, adding graphics to fleet trucks or vans can go a long way toward boosting brand recognition.

Vehicle wraps have the lowest cost per impression in the advertising market,” said Mark Cash, president of VIP Graphics. "You are affordably branding your company and, with the right team of operators, you are growing your company in a very positive manner.”


Check out the benefits of vehicle wraps over traditional advertising methods:

  • Visually-Appealing: Before-and-After pictures tell (and sell) the story. Your company vehicles will look AMAZING once you make the strategic decision to let them advertise for you. People are naturally drawn to bright colors and designs on cars.
  • Wide-Reaching: Again, impressions will depend on the amount of vehicles in your fleet, and the distance and locations they travel, BUT no matter the variables, your vehicle will be reaching an audience that no other form of media can reach.
  • Cost-Effective: The stats on vehicle graphics and wraps are compelling. The cost-per-impression over the life of a wrap averages out to around 15 cents. Compare that to radio ($11) or TV ($20) and you’ll find there’s really no comparison at all.
  • Dual-Purposed: A vinyl wrap will actually protect your vehicle’s paint job from nicks and dings. Since they are removable (and do not cause damage to the paint), vinyl wraps can increase resale value if and when you decide to upgrade to a newer vehicle.
  • Well-Timed: These billboards on wheels also come in handy when the traffic slows down…you may even look forward to traffic jams, as your captive audience frantically searches for anything nearby to keep them entertained, such as a strategically wrapped vehicle!
  • Long-Lasting: The average vehicle wrap lasts six years, which is a long time in car years. Over that span of time, the amount of impressions (and potential sales) garnished MORE than pay for the initial investment.
  • Hard-Working: If only people were this efficient. Your vehicle wrap is ALWAYS advertising for you, 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether parked in front of your store, in a parking lot, even in front of your home, your wrapped vehicle is making impressions constantly.

As evidenced by the stats above, a vehicle wrap is a wise investment indeed, one that will pay for itself over and over during its lifetime. On top of that, you get a pretty awesome-looking ride, one that is unique from all the others on the road.

Ready to talk price? Contact us and let us help boost your brand with a custom vehicle wrap. Our staff of expert designers can create a professional look for ANY vehicle, ensuring consistent branding for your entire fleet.

Advertising Costs


  • Advertising with Outdoor Signage – $3.56 Cost per thousand impressions
  • Advertising on the Radio – $7.75 Cost per thousand impressions
  • Newspaper Advertising – $19.70 Cost per thousand impressions
  • Magazine Ads – $21.46 Cost per thousand impressions
  • Advertising on TV – $23.70 Cost per thousand impressions
  • Vehicle Advertising Wraps – $.35 Cost per thousand impressions